Deputy Valerie Clark, is a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the first episode of the fifth season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Benita Robledo.

Throughout the Series

Season Five

At the Sheriff Station, two deputies, Cordova and Deputy Clark struggle to bring in a teenager. He tells them they're making a big mistake. The Sheriff comes out to see what the commotion is. "Donovan, you forgot what the judge said, didn't you? Next time is jail time." Donovan starts to beg, and the Sheriff asks what they caught him doing. He was breaking and entering and carrying a .38. The Sheriff tells them to book him, and Donovan starts screaming that the Sheriff is a dead man. [1]

At the sheriffs station at night, Tracy comes into the station and paralyses everyone there. The sheriff arrives with his date and looks around to see Clark lying over her desk. "I can't move," she tells him. [2]

At the sheriff station, the sheriff and deputy Clark watch the video of Donovan in the cell. The video cuts out during the time when Donovan escapes. Deputy Clark is in on her day off because Donovan is missing after having threatened the Sheriff's life. She's not taking a day off until he's caught. The Sheriff isn't concerned. He thinks Donovan is running as far as possible, as fast as he can. [3]

Deputies Clark and Cordova exit out of their patrol cars at the school field at night. Cordova flips on a light switch and Clark sees eight freshly dug up holes across the field. The next day at the school, it is revealed that Hayden is her younger sister. She catches up with her and hands her a bottle of medication that almost got ruined in the wash. One bottle of Hayden's meds is $200. Liam overhears this. "Is that Liam Dunbar?" Clark asks. "He got cute." Liam smiles to himself. [4]


Season Five


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