Deputy Tara Graeme, was a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the third episode of the third season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Mieko Hillman.

Throughout the Series

Season Three

The Sheriff and one of his deputies are discussing what happened to Caitlin. She tells the police she saw a girl with glowing eyes and fangs, but she admits that she and her girlfriend had split a tab of MDMA, which is a known hallucinogen. They later find Emily's body tied to a tree. [1]

The police get a call leading them to another body tied to a tree, Kyle. The Sheriff appears at the scene with other deputies and tries to get the kids off the crime scene. Ashley comes, screaming and crying for Kyle. Ashley slaps Stiles and Tara takes Ashley away while the sheriff talks to his son. [2]

At the hospital, the on call doctor crashed her car. The police arrive at the scene and corner everything off. [3]

Deputy Tara Graeme enters the Beacon Hills High School. The hallways are dark, but she hears a door close in the distance. She has her hand on her gun as she walks down the steps toward the boys locker room. Suddenly a group of students cross the hall behind her, and she turns to ask them what they're doing there so late. "Practice for a recital tomorrow," Danny tells her. He asks her if something's wrong and then notices her hand on her gun. "There is something wrong, isn't there." Tara informs them that someone made a 911 call and they all need to leave. The students hurry out. Tara calls dispatch, but no one answers her call. Instead she hears weird chanting coming over the radio. The chanting stops when she lets the radio go. There's a bang behind her, and Tara turns around with her gun drawn. She sees legs being dragged into the boys locker room and goes to investigate. She announces herself, and orders whoever is in the locker room to step out with their hands in the air. She heads back into the showers and sees herself lying dead up against the wall. The Darach appears behind her with a garrote and starts to strangle her. Tara drops her gun and quickly falls dead just where she saw herself a moment earlier. Her body is then found lying on top of the Beacon Hills High School sign. [4]


Season Three

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