Sluaghs are a shapeshifter species featured on Teen Wolf. They first appear in the fifth episode of the fifth season.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A Slaugh can take the form of the lost souls inextricably bound to it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Mental Doppelganger Mimicry:As, rare shapeshifters, Sluagh have the unique ability to shapeshift/transform into the appearance of those closest,more important or most frightening of their vicitims, i.e. those whose hearts and minds they have access to.


Production NotesEdit

  • The Sluagh, while only appearing on the show once, is notable due to how it came to be a part of the Teen Wolf Universe.
  • AT&T sponsored a contest encouraging viewers to come up with their own Teen Wolf Creature. The winning entry, from Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Short, was designed and executed as a mask by Teen Wolf crew and written into the Season 5 episode A Novel Approach by Writer Angela Harvey.
  • 16-year-old Texan Michael Lynch played the fan-designed creature in episode 505. Mike got the part through the Make-A-Wish foundation. His wish was to be an extra on Teen Wolf. Instead, because the timing was just right, he becomes a lasting part of the Teen Wolf Universe as the very first Sluagh to appear on screen.

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