Mr. Lahey, was a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the first episode of the second season. He is portrayed by guest cast member John Wesley Shipp.

Early Life

Mr. Lahey let the swim team drink. They were all at Isaac's house. Matt saw the party and everyone throwing each other into the pool. Camden grabbed Matt and threw him in. While he was under, he could see Sean and Jessica feeling each other up, as well as Tucker and Kara. While Matt was dying, everyone else was laughing. Suddenly, Matt was by the side of the pool, and Mr. Lahey was telling him to keep quiet about what happened. "This is your fault. You don't know how to swim? What little bastard doesn't know how to swim? You say nothing. You tell no one." [1]

Throughout the Series

Season Two

After what happened with Isaac, his son the previous night, the sheriff questions them both at the graveyard. Mr. Lahey isn't that nice to Isaac and embarrasses him in front of the sheriff. [2]

Isaac Lahey and his father are having dinner and discussing Isaac’s grades. There is very obvious tension between them, and Isaac seems to be incredibly fearful. After working very hard to work around the topic Isaac admits that he has a D in chemistry, and Mr. Lahey states that he has to "punish him" by having him clean the kitchen before beginning to push dishes off the table, causing them to shatter on the floor. Isaac immediately jumps up from the table and goes to duck and cover in the corner, suggesting that this has happened before. Mr. Lahey throws a glass at him that this the wall just above his head and shatters, causing a shard of glass to get stuck in his skin just under his eye. When he pulls it out it heals almost immediately, and Isaac runs out of the house, taking his bike. Mr. Lahey follows him in his car, and Jackson, who lives down the street, comments that they are freaks. It begins to pour outside. Mr. Lahey sees Isaac’s bike in an alley and gets out of the car, calling his name. He sees a blurry figure without his glasses on, but then it’s gone. A reptilian monster rips off the car door before killing him. [3]


Season Two

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