Lorraine Martin was a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the ninth episode of the fourth season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Marcy Goldman.


Early Life

Lorraine worked as a Computer Programmer for IBM in San Francisco. She was in on a weekend catching up on work when she started hearing a sound. It sounded like rain, but all she saw out the windows was blue sky. The sound of rain and thunder kept getting louder. Finally, she screamed, like a Banshee. Lorraine called Maddy who was planning on taking one of the boats out on the lake, but Maddy said the sun was shining there, too. Lorraine didn't tell her about what she'd heard. There was accident, and it took them four days to find Maddy's body. It took decades to figure out how Lorraine knew. She brought in parapsychologists who set up the white room. Nothing worked, so she tried more occult things like psychics, tarot, but all of those were failures, too. But then they found Meredith at Eichen House, a fragile girl who didn't understand the things she heard. They brought Meredith to the study with the record player and almost killed her. "She was hospitalized for over a year. She never really recovered. [1]

Lorraine was incarcerated at Eichen House. She drills a hole into the side of her head. Her daughter is called and she comes to help. Lorraine is in a bathtub where she is covered in blood. Her granddaughter enters and she tells her that "they're coming for all of us.". [2]

Although Lorraine didn't die from drilling into the side of her head, was taken into the basement by Brunski. He records the session. Lorraine tells him not to hurt her Ariel and then kills her. [1]


Season Four

Season Five


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