Sebastien Valet, also known as La Bête du Gévaudan, is a character on Teen Wolf. He débuts in the twelfth episode of the fifth season. He is portrayed by Gilles Marini.



The Dread Doctors resurrect the beast in order to steal its power, but in order to resurrect the beast, they had to use a human to resurrect it in.[2][3]

The beast enters a werehouse where he attacks a person inside. He demolishes the place. Deputy Clark gets called to the scene and enters the building and finds the beast emerging from behind some pipes. The beast then escapes from the building and chases after Liam and Hayden. Later, Scott goes to the building and find "Damnatio Memoriae" on the floor.[4]

Theo and Tracey are chasing the beast of Gevaudan and they track him to the lockers where they find the same message; Damnatio Memoriae. They are skeptical about who the beast is underneath and Theo tells Tracey that it killed close to 500 people. Theo and Tracey are stopped by the Dread Doctors who knock Tracey out. He tells them that his pack isn't enough because his eyes haven't changed. Just then, the beast begins making it's way towards them with the head of a victim in it's hands. It lets out a roar and both it and the Dread Doctors disappear.[3]

In an abandoned building, Malia's mother has Dr. Deaton tied up and Malia and her friends come to save Deaton. After Theo betrays Malia for the Desert Wolf, the beast appears from behind the wall. He breaks it down so that his face is seen. He roars and everyone escapes.[5]

The beast roams the streets of Beacon Hills. He is being chased by the police led by Hayden's sister. Stiles and Scott are on their way to the scene listening in to the police radio. They continue the chase and realize that the beast is headed for the hospital. Scott's mother is evacuating the hospital when things start to go wrong. The beast is in the hospital and Scott' mom lays eyes on it but turns running. The Sheriff, Stiles and Scott arrive at the hospital and track the beast to the fourth floor. They are moving gingerly through the torched halls and before turning the corner, the flaming body of Parrish flies right past them. His eyes turn normal and the Sheriff asks him if he is okay. He snaps out of a trance that he was in and Scott looks closely to find strange red paw prints that turn into footprints.[6]


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