Kira Simmons, was a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the eighth episode of the second season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Andrea Laing.

Early Life

Kira was part of the Beacon Hills swimming team. One night, coach Lahey brought them back to his house when Matt and Isaac was home. He let them drink and things got out of hand when they started throwing people into the pool when Matt was thrown in. Matt couldn't swim so he started to drown. Coach Lahey dragged him out and told him to tell no one. [1]

Throughout the Series

Season Two

Kira is in an elevator selling tickets to people for the rave. She seems disturbed by Jackson when selling him a ticket. So she tells her guards to go and she goes up in the lift while staring at Jackson. Later at the rave, she tells the DJ that they have 5 more minuets until they pack it up. However, when she goes behind something, Jackson appears and slashes her throat. She falls down on the wall. [2]


Season Two

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