Kanima Masters are a group of characters featured on Teen Wolf. They début in the fifth episode of the second season.


The Kanima was once used by a South American priest who took it upon himself to rid his village of all murders. The bond between master and servant grew stronger until the will of the master became that of the Kanima's and whomever the priest deemed unworthy the Kanima served his vengeance.


The rules concerning the Kanima creature is specifically that the Master is to use the Kanima to kill murderers, ones who have taken lives. If the Master uses the shapeshifter to kill innocents, or if the Master takes lives himself, that breaks the rules of the curse. Matt committed such acts and as Derek explained, "The universe balances things out. Always does", Matt began to consequently transform into a Kanima himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mental Control: The Master of the Kanima is the being who controls the shapeshifter so it will carry out the Master's vengeance. The shapeshifter seeks out individuals likely to be corruptible, bloodthirsty, whom wish to exact revenge upon others, to kill murderers. The Kanima shares a psychic and mental bond with its Master. The Master can communicate with the shapeshifter telepathically, and speak through the Kanima by a use of mental projection. The Kanima and its Master form, implement and solidify their psychic bond by pressing the palms of their hands together.

Known Kanima Masters

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