Ian Bohen is an American actor who portrays Peter Hale on Teen Wolf.


Bohen was born and raised in Carmel, California. Bohen began his film-acting career in 1993, making his debut in Todd Field's AFI Conservatory project, Delivering.[1] He followed this with a turn as "Young Earp" to Kevin Costner's "Wyatt," in Lawrence Kasdan's 1994 Oscar nominated film, Wyatt Earp.[2] In 1997, Bohen landed the role of Young Hercules in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Bohen recurred in flashbacks as the young hero during the series[3] A spin-off of the popular show was made into a TV movie, Young Hercules. Ian Bohen starred in the production, appearing again as Hercules in his formative years, but Bohen declined to return to the role for the weekly children's TV series that was commissioned as a result, as he was unwilling to move to New Zealand full-time.[4] From 1998-2001, Bohen appeared in ten episodes of Any Day Now as Johnny O'Brien.[3] Bohen appeared in season one of Mad Men as the beatnik character of Roy Hazelitt, the man who fell in love with one of Don Draper's many women, Midge Daniels.[5] Currently, Bohen has a recurring role in MTV's Teen Wolf portraying Peter Hale, the main antagonist of the first season and the former enemy of protagonist, Scott McCall. His character was resurrected towards the end of Season 2 and he remains as a recurring character in seasons 3 and 4 of the show.[6]


  • He is 5' 10".


Year Film Role
1993 Delivering James Wakefield
1994 Wyatt Earp Old Wyatt
1995 Monster Mash Romeo (Scott)
1998 Young Hercules Young Hercules
2001 Pearl Harbor Radar Operator #1
2002 Hometown Legend Brian Schuler
2006 Special Ted Exiler
2007 Marigold Barry
2008 Interpretation (long) Dan
2010 Irreversi Adam
2011 Fanboy (short film) Craft Maitre D'
2011 Vile Julian
2012 The Dark Knight Rises Cop with Gordon
2013 5 Souls Noah
Year Show Role Episode
1994 Weird Science Jeremy Scanlon Camp Wannabe
1995 Walker, Texas Ranger Keith Reno War Zone
1995 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Cole Younger Baby Outlaws
1996 Boy Meets World Dennis Life Lessons
1996 Picket Fences Russell 'Doze' Feuer Liver Let Die
1996 Her Last Chance Matt Arnold (TV Movie)
1996 If These Walls Could Talk Scott Barrows (TV Movie)
1996 Townies Jeremy It's Go Time
1997 Baywatch Nights Adult Zargtha
1997–1998 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Old Hercules Top God; Twilight; Medea Culpa; Regrets...I've Had a Few
1998 Dawson's Creek Anderson Crawford Kiss
1998 To Have & to Hold Reed Sanderson Driveway to Heaven
1998–2001 Any Day Now Johnny O'Brien Please Don't Tell My Mother; You Promise? I Promise; Homegirl; From This Day On; Who Abandoned Who?; It's a Good Thing I'm Not Black; The Dust of Life; It's a Mother-Daughter Thing; 10 Days? Are You Crazy; Children are the Most Important Thing
2004 JAG P.O Thurmond Trojan Horse
2004 Cold Case Nelson Miller 1943 Factory Girls
2004 Joan of Arcadia Peter Wealth of Nations
2007 Mad Men Roy Hazelitt The Hobo Code; Babylon
2008 Prison Break Darrin Hooks Cowboys and Indians
2010 CSI: Miami Doug Manhunt
2011 Drop Dead Diva Handsome Man Hit and Run
2011 Body of Proof Mitch Barnes Season 2 Episode 9 (Gross Anatomy)
2011–present Teen Wolf Peter Hale Recurring Character
2012 Breakout Kings Pete Gillies An Unjust Death; Round Two; Double Down; Freakshow; Self Help; Served Cold; SEALd Fate;
2012 The Mentalist Richard Eldridge War Of The Roses
2012 Major Crimes Daniel Dunn Long Shot; Cheaters Never Prosper; Dismissed With Prejudice; The Shame Game
2013 The Client List Adam Season 2 Episode 12
2014 Beauty & the Beast Pete Franco Season 2 Episode 10
2014 Chicago P.D. Sergeant Edwin Stillwell Season 1 Episode 8 &10; Recurring Character


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four


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