Heather, was a character on Teen Wolf. She débuts in the second episode of the third season. She is portrayed by guest cast member Caitlin Custer.

Throughout the Series

Season Three

Heather and Danielle are discussing sex. She wants to lose her virginity that night, even though her friend is telling her that it probably won’t be pleasant the first time. Stiles and Scott walk in, and Stiles starts to greet her, but before he can finish Heather has started kissing him. She takes Stiles downstairs. Heather brings Stiles down to the wine cellar before starting to kiss him again. She tells him that she’s seventeen now, and what she wants for her birthday is to not be a seventeen-year-old virgin. She takes off her shoes and starts kissing Stiles again. She ask him if he wants to have sex her, and he agrees that yes, he would. Stiles doesn’t have a condom, but goes upstairs to get one from her brother’s bathroom. Stiles’s friend walks around the wine cellar waiting for Stiles to return with the condom when the shelves in the cellar begin to shake. Bottles of wine begin to fall off the shelves almost like they’re being pushed, before glass begins to shatter across the cellar as more and more bottles break. She moves against the wall to avoid the broken glass cutting up her feet and there is momentary calm before the window above her head is opened and she’s taken away. Stiles returns to the cellar and Heather is gone. Stiles sees her missing shoe, but the glass and blood is suddenly gone and the window shuts silently. [1]

Heather's body if sound and is taken to the morgue. Melissa shows Stiles the other body, and it’s Stiles's friend Heather. He tells Melissa what happened. Apparently she was strangled with a garrote. [2]


Season Three

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