"La Bete. La Bete. La Bete. La Bete... Success."
―The Dread Doctors[src]

The Dread Doctors are a group of characters featured on Teen Wolf. They début in the first episode of the fifth season.


According to Gabriel Valack, the Doctors were originally human scientists who became obsessed with the supernatural. They managed to transcend death by discovering the secrets of electromagnetic waves which allowed them to gain power and prelong their own lives. They also exist on a different frequency to the rest of the world, allowing them to remove themselves from peoples' memories entirely. Their obsession with the supernatural led them to experimenting on various supernatural creatures. [1]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Electromagnetic Manipulation: It is currently unknown how the dread doctors are able to manipulate electromagnetic waves but they have done so and it has made them capable of doing supernatural things.
    • Enhanced Strength: Due to the fact that they have altered themselves through science to achieve supernatural means, they have gained enhanced strength. They seem to be stronger that werecoyotes and even alpha werewolves.[2]
    • Longlivity: Because they can manipulate electromagnetic waves, they have found a way to prolong their lives and even possibly indefinitely prolong them.[1]
    • Phasing: As they technically on a different plane of existence, they have the ability to phase through solid objects.
    • Memory Manipulation: The doctors are able to wipe a victims memory of ever seeing them or having anything to do with them.[3] This also goes with people in general who have just seen them by mistake.[4]
    • Illusion: They have the ability to make people see what's not really there, make them hallucinate. They did this at the school to Scott, Malia and Lydia. Scott was impaled by Kira. Malia's limbs we held down with coyote traps and Lydia's tongue was ripped out by a very dead Tracy.[5]


  • Electromagnetic Currents: The dread doctors are unable to bypass electromagnetic currents, like the ones that Eichen House is built on. Unless a kitsune disrupts the current.[1]


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