Chimeras are a species featured on Teen Wolf. They first appear in the first episode of the fifth season.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Chimeras generally look human but it depends on the type of creatures they are. Most of them are part werewolves

Becoming a ChimeraEdit

It is currently unknown whether you can become a chimera normally, but the Dread Doctors create chimeras using an unknown scientific process that involves mercury and requires hosts to be "chimeras" to qualify for the procedure. "Chimeras" in medicine loosely refers to individuals with two sets of DNA in their bodies (i.e. an organ transplant or even having a fraternal twin.) It appears that as long as you don't bleed the mercury back out your body has "accepted" the treatment and the dread doctors consider you a success. Bleeding mercury, however, means that the individual is a failure and the dread doctors will dispose of them. Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall have figured out that several of the chimera they'd know about had skin or other tissue transplants at the hospital in the past. Mason, however, absorbed a fetal twin in the womb, giving him the same chimera status.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Mercury: For an unknown reason, when a chimera begins to bleed mercury, the dread doctors consider the individual a failure and dispose of them.

Known ChimerasEdit


Species NotesEdit

  • Because of what the dread doctors did to them, they are technically not supernatural anymore, chimeras are immune to the affects of mountain ash.