Berserkers are a species featured on Teen Wolf. They first appear in the first episode of the fourth season.

Physical Appearance

Berserkers are humans that wear the bones and skin of animals to gain their strength. Bones cover the entire body. Pieces of skin cover other parts. They wear skulls on their faces.

Becoming a Berserker

Though the entire process is not revealed yet, Parts have. It appears that to become a berserker, you have to be in a church/cave underneath La Lglasia in Mexico. A werejaguar must put on the bones and the skull must be the final piece. The person should be on an alter of some sort. As soon as the mask has been straped on to the person, they will eventually loose their humanity. Though it is possible to turn the berserker back to human if their humanity is still in tact.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Berserkers are exceptionally strong and even capable of overpowering werewolves and even alpha werewolves. As they take their strength from the animal that they are wearing, it can be assumed that the more ferocious the animal, the stronger the berserker.
  • Enhanced Durability: Berserkers are able to withstand exceptional amounts of damage. Chris Argent states that it took nearly every bullet he had to take down one of them.


  • Humanity: When a berserker is newly turned, they still possess their humanities, therefore they are still able to be reached be someone that is close to them or has some sort of emotional connection with. It can be assumed that this also includes items.
  • Scull Crushing: Derek Hale crushed a berserker's skull and the berserker's body just disintegrated, leaving the bones behind.
  • Explosives: As demonstrated by the sheriff, a berserker can not withstand the power of explosives. Their body just disintergrated, leaving the bones left behind.

Known Berserkers