The Beacon Hills High School is a location featured on Teen Wolf. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.

Throughout the Series

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Season One

The Alpha Werewolf attacks Scott and his friends and traps him in the school. In the gym, the werewolf forces Scott to turn and Scott then locks his friends in a classroom. [1]

The school dance is held in the gym. Lydia gets attacked and nearly killed on the school field by Peter. [2]

Season Two

The school's principal is kidnapped and tortured by Chris and Victoria Argent. Later Gerard is seen as the new replacement principal. [3]

Gerard had CCTV cameras installed throughout the school. Victoria Argent began substitute teaching. [4]

Season Three

On the first day of the new school year, a flock of panicked birds crash through the windows of a classroom injuring several students. [5]

Scott, Chris, Isaac, Derek, and Allison trap Boyd and Cora on the night of the full moon. [6]

The school held a memorial concert for the murder victims caused by the Darach. There, another person was sacrificed. [7]

Kira becomes a student here and her father takes over the History teacher position. [8]

The final battle with the Nogitsune takes place. Kira stabs him with her sward and Isaac captures him in the box. Aiden dies. [9]

Season Four

It is revealed that the school was built on top of the Hale Family Vault which housed shelves of mementos, family heirlooms and a vault containing millions of dollars in bearer bonds. [10]

During the PSAT exams, The Chemist spreads a variant of canine distemper to infect and kill anyone who is supernatural for The Benefactor. [11]


  • Bobby Finstock is an economics teacher and coach of the highly successful lacrosse team at the school.
  • Adrian Harris was a chemistry teacher at the school prior to his disappearance in Season 3.
  • Garrison Myers was a bus driver and he was attacked at the school and eventually died in the hospital.
  • Marin Morrell is a French teacher and Guidance Counselor.
  • Mr. Westover was a History teacher prior to his death.
  • Gerard Argent was the principal until the end of Season 2.
  • Victoria Argent was a substitute teacher and office assistant before she died.
  • Jennifer Blake was an English teacher and a homicidal dark druid.
  • Ken Yukimura took over for Mr. Westover as a History teacher after his death.
  • Natalie Martin takes over the sciences classes after Mr. Harris dies.


Current Students

Former Students




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